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Why we have been chosen by 7000 companies?

Proxy Service for clients' Troubleshooting with Substantial Results and Consistent Supporting Service and System.

Record of Supporting 7000 Companies Only through Referrals.

We have focused on exclusively supporting E Commerce since launching the business. We are grateful to our clients for having expanded and developed with more people, which leads us to the highest record of supporting EC businesses in Japan. We will further our business by sharing these experiences and expertise with our customers.

Consistent Support Service.

Our concept is One-stop Service, offering know-how to attract customers, production of shop, sales, system and consultation, which leads you to success.

Analysis of Data and Successful Cases.

We issue monthly report by compiling and analyzing various numbers of customers’ site. This process provides us with huge amount of data and wider perrspective.

Some of our Staff used to be Former Successful Shop Owners.

Site production, Re-organizing, Production of landing page/ mail magazines, Data migration, Next Engine set-up.

More than 3500 Seminars throughout Japan.

business owners, executives and shop managers monthly nationwide, which so far have recorded more than 3500 participants. Meanwhile, we dispatch seminar lecturers to enterprises upon request.

Consulting & Outsourcing

Our core business is consulting by our well-established experience and expertise. Further, we provide our clients with wider scope in the shape of outsourcing/ proxy service in order to cover their resources. In this whole process of strategizing and executing , we are sure of our success to guide our clients in EC business.