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Why we can achieve high-success rate of sales improvement?

Excerpt of our supporting on business results and improvements.
Type of business/goods/concept/influence/ shop site.

  • Ladies apparel : Reached JPY15million sales a month by utilizing mobile and increasing the number of exposure in sites. Rakuten,Yahoo!Shopping,ZOZOTOWN, ownsite.
  • Mens apparel: Reached JPY10million sales a month by targeted marketing and utilizing net advertising. Rakuten,ownsite.
  • Baby clothes: Reached JPY8million sales a month by improving service by adding gift capacity. Rakuten,ownsite.
  • Beauty products: reached an annual turnover of JPY a billion by exploring malls and own site. Rakuten,Yahoo!Shopping, Bidders,ownsite.
  • Health foods: Reached JPY8million sales a month by setting up the site for attracting customers and with Affiliates ads. ownsite.
  • Cosmetics: monthly 500 estimated customers by developing website with adopting readers/models and fortifying attracting customer tactics. Rakuten,ownsite.
  • Special diet for elderly: Reached JPY10million sales a month by SEO strategy and retooling for increasing return customers. ownsite.
  • Sweets: Reached JPY10million sales a month by linking Media exposure and net ads. ownsite.
  • Agriculture products: Reached an annual turnover of JPY100million, Local plum farmer made good use of net ads. ownsite.
  • Buddhist alters shop: Reached JPY10million sales a month by selling as expensive as 200000yen a family Buddhist alter by utilizing movies and searching strategy. ownsite.
  • Bed & Linens: Reached JPY8million a month. Offered a catalogue and increased potential customers and sold rather high-end bed products (50000yen and over a piece). ownsite.
  • Furniture: reached JPY800million sales a month by linking real shops to sell sofa and bed. Rakuten,Yahoo!shopping, ownsite.
  • Made-to-order curtain: Reached JPY 12million sales a month by uploading price estimation and sample offering system. e, Rakuten, ownsite.
  • Stationary: Reached JPY 30million sales a month by fascinatingly wide variety of items( about 35000)and retooling with unique system. ownsite.
  • Automobile parts and gadget: Reached JPY50million sales a month by offering ideal flexibility to professional dealers and developing multiple shops. Rakuten,Yahoo!shopping, Yahoo!Auction.
  • Agricultural Machinery sales: A local agricultural machinery sales business ventured into Ecommerce and achieved JPY 45million sales a month only in two years. Rakuten,Yahoo!shopping,amazon, ownsite.