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Organizing/Set-up/Sale proxy service

We offer proxy service including designing or reorganizing your site, production of landing page, issuing mail magazines, data transfer when opening a new shop, setting up order management system(Next Engine).

Reorganizing/ Reinvent your site.

Our E commerce experts with experience of having supported about 6900 companies reinvent your site. Attractive site and genuinely effective site are different. If you are serious about selling more, we are here for you. If you don’t have own site, we will have thorough consultations to meet your needs and make sure your site is oriented to success. Demands for our smartphone application, which is largely growing in access, is thankfully on the rise.

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EC-CUBE and Custom-made Service.

Our Ecommerce specialists organize the system according to your specifications. We apply EC-CUBE, Japanese contents management system especially for open-sourced EC businesses."

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Psychologically Effective Landing Page Production Service.

Effective landing page function as another advertising tool, or main catalog for invigorating sales. Our service ranges from competitors’ research, own site analysis, and creating advertising message. The key to success is to have your clear vision and specific target. The same principle should be applied in any channel.

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Updating Site/Issuing Mail Magazines.

If you don’t have special staff for updating site or issuing mail magazine, we will support on these duties according to your budget, from small site to large scale site.

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Next Engine Set-up Proxy Service.

We offer proxy service to initialize Next Engine, the most popular tool for multiple shops’ owner. If you don’t have special staff in this field, you will find this service helpful.

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Merchandise Data Transfer Service.

We offer proxy service including merchandise reproduction, moving process from one site to another between own site/ Rakuten/ Yahoo!Shopping. This could be supportive for those planning to scale down the data transfer process.

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