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Proxy service for processing orders/customer center

Service Details

  • We offer proxy service on processing orders and fielding customers enquiries by mail or phone for those wishing to launch a shop, facing sudden resignation of the staff.
  • Customer care staff cope with all the request on changing orders, enquiries, or return of purchased items through mail or phone.
  • Processing orders cover from selecting the items ordered, processing, and shipping order.
  • We can offer service to various scales of businesses, from small size shop(monthly turnover of JPY1 million) to large scale(monthly turn over of JPY3 million).
  • We consider customer care improvement according to the fluctuation of sales, and advise you to boost sales by analyzing orders and enquiries all together.

Service Charge

  • We will draw up quotation first.

how to apply

Contact us by form or phone.
Quotation would be offered by our representative. After official order form is completed, we will start working on your order.