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Promotion/Advertising support

We can help increase customers effectively and efficiently with our skills and expertise through helping about 7000 customers.

We provide supports in promotional activities in any platform, such as own site, Rakuten, Yahoo!Shopping and Pompare mall.
Our approach is strategize straightforward ’selling’ by analyzing all the data accumulated in our EC consultants’ experience with 7000 companies.
We proudly differentiate ourselves from advertising agencies in such a way that we make best use of CV by great attention to CPA, rather than exhausting your budget.

for Own Site

Proxy Service for Listing Ads exclusively for EC sites.

This is the service, as an official agency of Yahoo Promotion ads and Google adwards, to support boosting sales particularly in mail order.

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Service on SEO strategy

Although there are so many companies that support strategizing in search engine, our Approach is less susceptible to penalty. Only when the case is listed higher on the rank, you will incur the charge.

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For Rakuten

Service on Rakuten Search Strategy.

In order to increase the traffic via Rakuten mall strategy,we revise your site and pages.

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Proxy Service for Rakuten Search word Ads Operation.

We provide proxy service for search word ads in Rakuten search engine,writing script,operation, and compiling reports.

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For Yahoo!Shopping

Service on Yahoo!Shopping search engine strategizing Service.

We improve your site/web page for the purpose of increasing the traffic from Yahoo!Shopping’s mall strategy.

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Proxy Service on Yahoo!Shopping Store matching ads.

Our service covers ‘store match ads’, writing a manuscript, execution, and report.

Proxy service on Affiliate Ads.

Our service covers ASP selection process, writing a manuscript, execution, touch-up, screening and report.

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Proxy service onDSP ads.

We provide proxy service on micro-ads operation for own site. It features selecting ads, writing a manuscript, execution, touch-up, and report.