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System Development/ Providing tools(ASP)

We have expertise by having supported about 7000 companies. We develop and offer tools to boost the sales and efficiency.

Price Analysis/Self- Revising System.

We revise to maintain the lowest price in Rakuten by self-checking competitors’ price. This is optimal tool for customers aiming to constantly post the lowest price in Rakuten.

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HTML Mailing/ Distributing news System.

We provide proxy service in tedious mail magazine distribution. This would be very helpful for companies with shorthanded or lack of time business owners.

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Execution of Application in Rakuten/ Yahoo!Shopping.

We design and produce applications for Rakuten & Yahoo!Shopping, adaptable for IPhone & Android. This applications simplify your work by automatic updating/loading system, and popular among customers looking for ‘cost effective yet attractive-for- shoppers’type applications.

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High-Performance Recommendation System.

This is information filtering system, like Amazon, that seek to predict the ‘rating’ or ‘preference’ that user would give to an item.

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Multiple- Functioned Search System in the site.

This is operationally essential ‘search within the site’ system loaded with Suggestion/ Drill Down/ Common Keyword Functions. We proudly offer this effective system for the cheapest price in the industry.

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Craftsmen for Updating the site.

This system updates Rakuten/Yahoo!shopping/ Estore Shopserve simultaneously. If you are not familiar with HTML, and/or shorthanded/ too busy, you will find this system helpful.

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Single Item Repetitive Mail Order/ CRM System.

This system targets to owners with own site and features including customer analysis, step- mailing, form (EFO), sales analysis. This is effective to increase repeat buyings and improve LTV, especially suitable tool for single item sales or single category sales.

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Chat System.

This system features real time chat that enable to better serve customers. Interaction with customers will help you to establish more psychological connection that eventually lead to repeat buying and higher-purchase rate.

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