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Chat System

Service Details

  • This system allows you to approach customers in timely manner.
  • You don't have to waste time to meet customers’requests.
  • Set up process is simple and easy. You just tag the part you wish to set up.
  • This system is so effective that you can cope with multiple customers simultaneously.
  • This system allows you to serve customers in timely manner with various pop-up messages that you pre-set.
  • This system is available in smartphones.

Service Charge

  • For quotation, please contact us by form or phone.
  • Initial charge JPY12800
  • Free Plan : monthly fee : free
  • Standard : JPY4980
  • Premium : to be quoted according to your request

how to apply

Contact us by form or phone
Quotation would be offered by our representative. After official order form is completed, we will start working on your order.