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Single Item Repetitive Mail Order/ CRM System

Service Details

  • This system caters to own site operators and ideal to maximize the conversion rate of single item selling, repeat rate, and LTV.
  • This system features analysis of each customer, follow up mailing, form optimization, and sales management.
  • This system is particularly effective for single-item sales, or repeat sales of cosmetics, food products, and health foods.
  • Our Ecommerce specialists offer you tips and advice.
  • We offer the systems to support businesses particularly wishing to achieve JPY10 million sales a month.

Service Charge

  • Initial charge JPY300000 up(varies according to contents)
  • Monthly fee JPY90000 up(we have various plans available)
  • We request payment in advance.

how to apply

Contact us by form or phone
Quotation would be offered by our representative. After official order form is completed, we will start working on your order.