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Privacy Policy

our policy on privacy protection

We provide supports to EC site operating businesses and here we announce that we use all the information that you provide for such purposes, properly and sensibly. We observe the importance of protecting personal information and adhere to the below rules in professional manner.

1.We receive, use and provide personal information appropriately.

(1) In regard to receiving and using personal information, we designate the use only for the operation of EC site support, providing our business information and other resources, or general affairs. We don’t use the information beyond above fields. We perform appropriate management measures. We employ other companies and individuals to perform functions on our behalf. They have access to personal information needed to perform their functions, but may not use it for other purposes.

(2)We, other than stipulated in the related law, we do not release or provide personal information to third party without the agreement of customers.

2.In the process of receiving and storing personal information, we secure the necessary measures precisely in order to protect information we received from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, manipulation, disclosure. And after necessary store period, we finally destroy them according to the media, classification, adhering to the stipulated method. We prevent the outflow.

3.in case of complaining we sort it out promptly and appropriately

4.In offering service, we abide by our personal information protection and management system, based on the Japan Industry Standard( JISQ150D1:2006) and operate under stringent control. We also abide by other laws and national rules in regard to privacy protection.

5.We constantly improve our personal information protection and management system.


Enactment on 1 Dec 2012
Last updated on 15 May 2013
Itsumo Inc
CEO Sakamoto Mamoru

Use of personal information

Use of Personal Information
(1)Name of business
Itsumo Inc,.

(2)controller of personal information protection
consulting division manager

(3)purpose of using personal information

■purpose of using personal information that we received other than directly in paper document.

personal information purpose of use release classification
seminar questionnaire analysis of results and for further service improvement not released

■purpose of using personal information that can be released

personal information purpose of use
employees’information calculating employees’payment, contact and administrative purpose
personal information of candidates for employment for the screening purpose
personal information receive from customers To serve order from customers and answer enquiries

(4)Sharing personal information with third party
We shall not provide personal information gathered to third party other than legally authorized cases.

(5)Commission of managing personal information
We shall not commission third party to manage persona information gathered partially or entirely.

(6)Personal information applicable for disclosure and our information desk
At the request of modification/ addition of revealing personal information we received, deletion, suspension of use/ providing to third party ( disclosure) from our customer, we shall meet the request.
If you have any queries, please contact our information desk listed below.

(7)Gathering personal information beyond individual’s knowledge.
We do not use any form, such as cookies and web beacon, to gather personal information beyond you recognize.

(8)What action we take to protect personal information we received.
In order to protect any information we received and store and prevent disclosure, loss, or falsification, we take necessary and appropriate actions.
After completing your request, we shall dispose of the information by appropriate method.

(9)Anticipated result of customer’s rejection of our request for offering personal information
Offering personal information is voluntary basis. However, we remind customers that without our requested personal information, we may not be able to serve you properly, despite our best intentions.

(10)Personal Information Protection Policy
Please refer to our ‘personal information protection policy’in our website.

(11)Inquiries and submission of request for disclosure

name of contactinformation desk
point of contact Address :〒108-0073 Mita 43MYBuilding 3-13-16 Mita Minato-ku Tokyo
Phone :03-4580-1365
FAX :03-5443-9044

How to request disclosure of personal information

We, in regard to personal information, will respond to requests by customer or his/her representative.
`Notification of purpose, disclosure, correction, addition, partial deletion, stopping the use, erasure or stopping of providing third party `
Please study our `Personal Information Policy’, and if you consent to our policy, send a letter of request with your name.

1.Procedures for request for disclosure
(1)Please fill in the form and send or bring in with you. All the required documents to enclose are listed below.

Mita 43MT building 13th floor, 3-13-16 Mita Minato-ku Tokyo
Itsumo Inc,.’Information desk’

※We shall not collect charges.

(2)We request a document we can confirm your identification. Please enclose or bring in the document with you.

▲A copy of the document of your personal identification(driver’s license or passport with your name and address appearing)
▲When you send a voluntary representative, we request the documents below other than above(1)(2)documents.

◆A copy of the document of the representative’s his/her personal identification (driver’s license or passport with your name and address appearing)
◆A copy of official residential registration document (issued within 30 days)
◆When a representative is an attorney, we request his/her professional registration number.
◆A letter of proxy.

2.Consideration of request
When we receive request and verify all the documents, we shall consider the case.
However, in the following cases, we may reject the request.

★Cases in which disclosure might harm the life, body or property of third party
★Cases in which disclosure might support illegal conduct or have chance to encourage this type of act
★Cases in which the security of country might be jeopardized, or the reliance with other country or international institution may be damaged, or execution of our business with other country or foreign institution may be impeded
★Cases in which public security and order secured by prevention of crime, abating, or investigation by state institution is likely to be impeded
★Cases in which disclosure might impede the proper execution of our business
★Cases in which disclosure violates other laws
★Cases in which we are under the obligation to corporate with a state institution or a local public body and notify the individualon the purpose of use or disclosure, yet it might impede the execution of the operaion of our business.

3.Result of our consideration
We will reply to you in letter after consideration of request in timely manner.

・We will address to the person who wrote to us or to the representative appointed.
・If your or the representative’s legal domicile appears in the document you submit, you may delete it prior to mail us.
・The document for verifying your or the representative’s identification that you submitted to us will be destroy in responsible manner.
・Please study our ‘Personal Information Policy’ and if you consent to your policy, send a letter of request with your signature to the address above.